Behaviour at Banks Road

The School expects pupils, parents, staff and governors (the school community) to work together to achieve a calm and orderly school environment based on mutual respect and trust with high standards of work and behaviour.

The Principles of our Behaviour Policy are based on the UNICEF Rights Respecting School:

1. Individuals have the right to feel safe, secure, valued, included, happy and reach their potential.

2. Individuals have a responsibility towards themselves, each other and the school community.

3. Discipline should encourage that responsibility by providing a consistent, fair and reassuring framework within which all members of the school community can work.

4. Each member of the school community will be accorded the same rights, responsibilities and opportunities regardless of race, religion, sex or class.


The aim of this policy is to reinforce our basic school rules which are:

  1. Treat others as you wish to be treated yourself
  2. Keep yourself and others safe
  3. Work hard and be polite at all times
  4. Always try your best
  5. Enjoy learning