We found a dinosaur egg!! We have made a nest of pillows to keep it safe and warm, hopefully it will crack soon, what kind of dinosaur do you think it could be? We have been for a walk to the woods and found lots of notices about the different dinosaurs that have been seen lurking in there, at the end of the trail we found some dinosaur eggs which we took home to hatch. We thought of some questions we wanted to find out about dinosaurs and watched  videos and read information books and fact sheets to find the answers. We also got to excavate dinosaur bones and look at fossils! We tried to create a dinosaur egg with a friend, we used either mod rock or newspaper and PVA glue; we then shared which method was the best and why. We have also been problem solving in maths and trying to think about what is the best way to solve the problem and answer why.
We have really enjoyed learning all about Dinosaurs!