Forms to be completed

Please find some very important items of paperwork that we require you to complete and return by Friday 10th July.


  • Pupil Personal Details form
  • Guidance notes to assist with the completion of the Pupil Personal Details form.
  • Consent booklet
  • Early Years Pupil Premium form
  • Funding - Parent Declaration form
  • Funding entitlement explained
  • General funding information for parents
  • Birth Certificate
  • Working Together form
  • Collection Arrangements


We require to see your child’s original birth certificate.  Please call in to the school office or bring it on your child’s first day at nursery.  DO NOT SEND IT BY POST – we cannot take any responsibility if you do this. 


Please complete the forms and return to the School Office by post or email not later than Friday 10th July.  The school office is open during normal school hours should you wish to bring them in.  Social distancing rules will apply.