Global Week in Foundation Stage 2

22nd April 2018

Global Week in Foundation Stage 2
This week we have really enjoyed finding out about our country of the week.  We learnt to speak a little French in Birch class - maybe your child can count to 10 for you.
In Birch class in our creative work we painted in the style of the impressionist Monet from France and practised cave painting using only sticks and feathers like the paintings in Lascaux. 
In Chestnut we painted Australian Aboriginal Art using only dots.  We found out about Australian animals and used them as a stimulus for our painting.
We tasted food from our Country of the week and made ice-cream or anzac biscuits.
In phonics we have been revisiting the short and long vowel phonemes and using them in our reading and writing.
In handwriting we were learning to write the letters v and x.  These are tricky as they need diagonal lines and sharp corners which weren't easy.
We started Welly Wednesday again and had a wonderful time in the Forest school garden in the sunshine.  Please make sure your child has their wellies in school ready for Welly Wednesday next week.
We hope you enjoy your homework visiting the Garden Centre and the weather stays sunny.
The Foundation Stage 2 team.