Nursery Home Learning

Please find a home learning pack for nursery, you do not have to do every activity but are just some ideas. Our learning is done through play and does not need to be recorded on paper but is mostly about what your child can tell us.

In Maths we are focusing on size, thinking about what’s the heaviest and lightest, tallest and shortest, biggest and smallest. We watch number blocks to support our learning about number and are practising counting out a set of objects from a bigger pile by counting one at a time.

In literacy we are focused on learning the story of the bear hunt and then changing parts to link with Toton and what sound it would make for example “oh no a tram…. Ding ding.” This is all done orally and you could write down the children’s ideas for them to help support the links between storytelling and written stories. We are still focused on phase 1 phonics learning the difference between various sounds.

You could also play games such as snap or memory, create your own story or a version of a story with toys, make some binoculars and have a look at what you can see out of the window. Create something with box modelling, when making any creation we are evaluating and asking the children what they could do to make it even better.