Home Learning Summer Term WB 13/7/20 and 20/7/20

‘See How They Grow’ WB 13.7.2020 & 20.7.2020

These are the last 2 weeks of formal learning for this year, there will be some optional summer projects for you that will be available to you at the end of the last week. We would just like to take this opportunity to thank all of our wonderful parents for the amazing job you have done with home schooling. We know it can’t have been easy for our families, juggling working at home or being a key worker, having other children (younger or older), and just getting your shopping on top of all this! We really appreciate all your support throughout this pandemic, and wanted to let you know how fantastic you all are!

These weeks, to end our topic of ‘See How They Grow’, we would like you to share the book ‘The World Came To My Place Today’.  A young boy and his grandfather get to see where his breakfast and other things he has around his home come from.

Can you help your child find out where some of your food comes from? Has it had to make a long journey or a short journey? Use the world map resource and see if your child can write on it where 5 items of food come from in your fridge or food cupboard.

When your child has found out about where the food comes from, see if they can write a fact about each one and create a fact sheet, like at the side of the pages in the book! Look at the example below and see if you they make your own.

Please send us some photos of how your child's growing at home has been, whether you have planted beans, seeds, or seedlings.  Maybe you have been recording how tall they are each week, you might have eaten them in a recipe!  Please encourage your child to write to us either in a letter or via the Year 1 email to tell us about what they have grown.

For Topic over the next 2 weeks we would like the children to have a go at these art activities, you could do the ones you have resources for in any order you wish.

  1. Look at the images below of art by Andy Goldsworthy and see if you can create your own. You can use leaves, flowers, pebbles and stones.

  2. Try doing a painting in the style of Georgia O’Keeffe. Look closely at a flower and see if you can get as much detail in your picture as possible. If you don’t have paints at home, you can use pastels, felt tips, or crayons.

  3. Try using some fruit and vegetables to create a picture of a face like the artist Arcimboldi! Then you can eat them afterwards!

  4. Try flower pressing! See instructions below.

In Maths it is week 12 of this term. You can follow the ‘White Rose’ curriculum online at https://www.whiterosemaths.com/homelearning/ . You can follow the link to BBC bitesize to download sheets from there. We have also included some more sheets to practice maths skills below.

We have more phonics activities for your child to do, please try to do these each week if you can. Choose the appropriate level of phonics for your child.

We have included the last sets of spellings for your child to practice.

Please keep reading at home, we have heard from lots of you that your child is moving onto different levels in Rising Stars! If you need any guidance on what your child could read next, please contact us via the Year 1 email.

We have a final set of life skills for you to teach your child. Please send us photos of these if you can.

Please be assured the Year 1 team are still contactable during school hours, Monday to Friday. Thank you again to all our families, we really appreciate your support.

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