Home Learning Summer Term WB 15.6.2020 and 22.6.2020

‘See How They Grow’ WB 15.6.2020 & 22.6.2020

For English this week we would like you to share the ebook story of ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’. You can read this at bedtime together, or let your child read by themselves if they are able to. Then read the letter from Jack asking the children for help. Use the letter writing templates to see if your child can write a letter to the giant explaining what Jack did and why. Or they could pretend to be the giant and write a letter to Jack.

Following this week we would ask you to share another story ‘Fee Fi Foe Fum’ and talk about things that are the same/different from the Jack and the Beanstalk story they read before. Also could they think of what they would do if they had a magic bean? What might happen? Could they write/draw their own ideas? Maybe instead of a beanstalk, the beans became a magic portal into space?

There are also some additional writing activities each week if your child would like to do them – a story review, a comprehension activity, and a wordsearch (please do not feel you have to do all of these).

For Topic over the next 2 weeks we would like the children to have a go at these activities, you could do the ones you have resources for in any order you wish.

  1. Have some fun making a crazy cress head! Use a yoghurt pot/small container/washed out egg shell, and stick a picture of your face on the side – you can draw one or make a silly face on a photo and print it off! Then put some damp cotton wool inside and sprinkle with cress seeds. Make sure to keep the cotton wool damp and watch your crazy cress hair start to grow!

  2. Draw your garden with all the plants that you can see! You can draw your toys that stay out there too like a slide or swing. You may even like to draw it like a map as an aerial view.

  3. See how many wild flowers you can see. If you enjoyed going on a plant hunt last time you’ll enjoy exploring and finding more wild plants.

  4. Try to investigate how plants get water to all their parts. You’ll need some white flowers with a long stem, some food colouring, scissors, a container, and the instructions below!

In Maths it is week 8 of this term (making arrays). You can follow the ‘White Rose’ curriculum online at https://www.whiterosemaths.com/homelearning/ . Unfortunately we do not have access to the worksheets, however you can follow the link to BBC bitesize to download sheets from there. You can also use the practice activities we have planned within the documents below.

We have more phonics activities for your child to do, please try to do these each week if you can. Choose the appropriate level of phonics for your child.

We have included 2 more sets of spellings for your child to practice for the next 2 weeks.

Please keep reading at home, we have heard from lots of you that your child is moving onto different levels in Rising Stars! If you need any guidance on what your child could read next, please contact us via the Year 1 email.

We have a new set of life skills for you to teach your child. We’ve enjoyed seeing more photos of your children doing these each week, please keep sending them to us!

Please be assured the Year 1 team are still contactable during school hours, Monday to Friday.
Resources for WB 15.6.20
Resources for WB 22.6.20
Resources for Topic
Phonics and Spellings
Year 1 Video Project Example