Home Learning Summer Term weeks 1/6/20 and 8/6/20

‘See How They Grow’ WB 1.6.2020 & 8.6.2020

We hope you have had a lovely week enjoying the weather!  This half term we begin our new learning theme of ‘Growing’. We have included 2 weeks worth of planning for your children at home for the beginning of this new theme.

For English in both weeks, we would like the children to read and learn the story of ‘The Enormous Turnip’. Within the power point below there are actions to support the re-telling. See if your child can follow the actions to re-tell the whole story. Maybe they can act it out with toys and take photos of each part.

Following this we would like the children to re-write the story for themselves. They can use the story map below to help, or write this in a book. Maybe they would like to change part of the story to make it their own eg ‘The Enormous Carrot!’ See if they can make a draft of their first attempt, then look and see if they can improve it with a second draft.

For Topic over the next 2 weeks we would like the children to have a go at these activities, you could do the ones you have resources for in any order you wish.

  1. Grow a carrot top! See if you can make a carrot grow by using the top of a carrot you have. See this video for instructions https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EsrO2b8AqDM

  2. Begin a bean/seed investigation. See if you can grow beans in different environments and watch how they grow.

    You could see if a bean will grow without compost or soil, or see how a bean grows without light. Make sure you grow one bean with everything you think it needs so you can compare it to the other bean/s.

  3. Create an unusual planter for your garden! Be as creative as you like. You may like to recycle some junk like a plastic bottle, or some old shoes/wellington boots. Have a look at the pictures below for some ideas!

Go on a plant hunt around your garden. What plants can you see? Use the chart below to draw and label them, or take some photos.

In Maths it is week 6 of this term (mass and capacity). You can follow the ‘White Rose’ curriculum online at https://www.whiterosemaths.com/homelearning/ . Unfortunately we do not have access to the worksheets, however you can follow the link to BBC bitesize to download sheets from there. You can also use the practice activities we have planned within the documents below.

We have more phonics activities for your child to do, please try to do these each week as it will keep the fluency of phonics going for your child. We have included online learning games and some activities to do. Choose the appropriate level of phonics for your child.

We have included 2 more sets of spellings for your child to practice for the next 2 weeks.

Please keep reading at home, we have heard from lots of you that your child is moving onto different levels in Rising Stars! If you need any guidance on what your child could read next, please contact us via the Year 1 email.

We have a new set of life skills for you to teach your child. We’ve enjoyed looking at the photos of your children making their won sandwiches, and helping with the laundry!

Please be assured the Year 1 team are still contactable during school hours, Monday to Friday. Thank you again for your continued support during these challenging times.

Resources for WB 1/6/2020
Resources for WB 8/6/2020
Resources for topic activities