Home Learning Summer WB 29/6/20 and 6/7/20

‘See How They Grow’ WB 29.6.2020 & 6.7.2020

For English this week we would like you to write a letter to your new teacher! You can ask them anything you like, even what their favourite food is! We will make sure we pass these on to your new teachers and they will reply to you. Please make sure you send them through via the Year 1 email or if you are passing school you could pop them in the home learning box in the foyer.

Following this week we would like you to share the ebook story of ‘Little Acorns’ which is all about the life cycle of a deciduous tree. See if you can use the story to create a tree life cycle. Try to include a sentence for each stage of growth. There is also a comprehension activity to do.

For Topic over the next 2 weeks we would like the children to have a go at these activities, you could do the ones you have resources for in any order you wish.

  1. Go on a tree walk either around your area or a nearby park. See how many different trees you can find. Take some paper and crayons with you and take some bark rubbings too!

  2. Create a family tree! Paint or draw a tree with branches, leaves, fruit or blossom. Draw or cut out some photos of you and your family and place them on the tree from oldest to youngest, top to bottom.

  3. Sort out the trees into deciduous and evergreen! Watch the power point to see which is which if you don’t already know.

  4. Make a 3D tree using cardboard tubes and paper. See if you can get it to stand up on it’s own!

In Maths it is week 10 of this term (ordering numbers). You can follow the ‘White Rose’ curriculum online at https://www.whiterosemaths.com/homelearning/ . Unfortunately we do not have access to the worksheets, however you can follow the link to BBC bitesize to download sheets from there. You can also use the practice activities we have planned within the documents below.

We have more phonics activities for your child to do, please try to do these each week if you can. Choose the appropriate level of phonics for your child.

We have included 2 more sets of spellings for your child to practice for the next 2 weeks.

Please keep reading at home, we have heard from lots of you that your child is moving onto different levels in Rising Stars! If you need any guidance on what your child could read next, please contact us via the Year 1 email.

We have a new set of life skills for you to teach your child. We’ve enjoyed seeing more photos of your children doing these each week, please keep sending them to us!

Please be assured the Year 1 team are still contactable during school hours, Monday to Friday. Thank you again for your continued support during these challenging times.

English Resources
Maths Resources
Topic resources
Spellings and Phonics
Year 1 Video Project Example
Deadline extended to 10/07/20