Julia Donaldson

We have been reading the Gruffalo and Sharing a shell. We went on a barefoot walk through the homes of the characters and learnt some new words to describe how it felt, we also tuned into the sounds that we could hear. We have made Gruffalo crumbled and how to change the chocolate into a solid or liquid, we also got to make Gruffalo toast using a special stamp. We really enjoyed playing with the scrambled snake and have been finding bits all over nursery all week! With all that eating we have also been thinking about different physical challenges, each morning we are set a task that helps develop our co-ordination, balance and strength, even when we have found the challenges difficult WE NEVER GIVE UP! We have been looking at number problems with the creatures that share a shell and had to find one more and one less of a given number to make sure everybody got enough dinner!