Maths at Banks Road
At Banks Road we want every child to develop confidence and competence in Maths through engaging and exciting learning opportunities.
'Good Mathematics is not about how many answers you know, it's about how you behave when you don't know.'
Learning Environments
We strongly believe that Maths should be taught across the curriculum, so as well as taught sessions we aim for Maths to surround children in their day to day experiences. 
As well as specific Maths zones we strive to ensure our children have a maths-rich environment throughout all our indoor and outdoor provision. 
We support our children to problem solve, reason and learn from their mistakes.
We follow the White Rose Maths schemes of learning in KS1. We use the PowerMaths mastery resources to spark the children's curiosity and excitement. 
Please find below a link to the 'Power Maths Calculation Policy' and a 'How to Help Guide'.
Numberblocks is a pre-school BBC television series aimed at introducing children to early number. In our Early Years Foundation Stage we use each episode as a launch pad for the children's learning alongside accompanying materials and a range of related Mathematical continuous provision. 
Printable Resources