Pirate Pete has been to visit our nursery! Cheeky monkey stole his treasure chest and diamond so we went on a treasure hunt to find it for him. We made our own eye patches, pirate hats and treasure maps by tearing the paper and painting it with tea so it looks really old. We created transient art pictures of ships on the sea and a giant pirate flag. We investigated which materials sink and float to help us decide what materials to use for our boats; we then created a river so we could have a race and  enjoyed jumping in the puddles that we created at the end.
 In forest schools the fairies asked us to help protect their homes from the clumsy troll, so we made bog men to keep the troll away. We are learning how to follow a simple recipe for cakes, if we keep practising we will be able to bake on our own! We have also been learning how to program a Beebot and give instructions to help him navigate the pirates map. In our D & T area we have been learning how to safely use the saw to cut pieces of wood, we understand the importance of keeping our self and others safe when using the equipment.
We have really enjoyed having the pirates visit us!!