PE and Sports Premium Funding

From September 2017 our PE and Sports premium funding allocation has been doubled to £17,140.  This money is funded in part by the Government 'Sugartax' on soft drinks and is intended to be used by schools to promote sports and good health for all children.

At Banks Road we are using our Sports Premium funding in a variety of ways to

  • develop teaching and learning in PE
  • give children the opportunity to experience a range of sports
  • promote healthy and active lifestyles
  • enable children to participate in competitive sport.
Priorities and Actions for the academic year 2017/18

  1. Employ specialist sports coaches from Major Oak sports coaching company to teach 2 Key Stage 1 PE lessons per week.  Each half term the children learn a range of key skills linked to a specific sport.  Over their time in Banks Road they study disciplines such as basketball, cricket, tri-golf, gymnastics, athletics, dance and tag rugby. 
  2. Purchase / develop resources needed in order to teach physical education as part of the national curriculum.
  3. Purchase / develop resources needed in order to promote physical development and active play outdoors.
  4. Continue to raise the profile of an active and healthy lifestyle within our school.
  5. Provide opportunities for children to participate in additional competitions.
  6. Support whole school improvement actions on well being and mental health.