Forest School - Acorn Class

11th May 2017

The children in Acorn class loved their Forest school session this week.  They worked as a team to build a muddy pond.  They used rocks, wood, grass and mud to build a dam and to channel the water down the hill  to a larger pond. One group of children collected water taking it in turns to fill their buckets.  The language they used was rich and varied and they made sure each other were safe by making sure no-one had a bucket that was too heavy to carry.  They took turns and shared resources.
One group collected small rocks which Mrs Pursglove had bought from the garden centre. Unfortunately the bag of rocks was too heavy for me to carry and I had left it by the side gate.  They enlisted children from Foundation 2, gave them buckets and a removal system was set up.  All the rocks were passed over the fence to the Nursery children and used for the dam.  The co-operation and encouragement the older children offered the younger children was a delight.
Finally a group of children problem solved how to make sure the dam held - large logs were placed across and down the channel and then pebbles and small rocks were poured into the spaces, grass cuttings and small sticks were used to stop any little gaps.  Again the children worked well together and shared ideas.  It was a joy to work with them this morning in Forest school and you would have been really proud of their attitude and maturity.