Starting School

18th September 2017

The children in Foundation 2 have now been in school for two full weeks and we are so proud of them.  They have settled in beautifully and are being positive and ready to learn all the time. 
They may have told you about phonics and building words with magnetic letters, the music trolley outside and learning Autumn songs, golden time, making apple crumble, going down the fireman's pole on the climbing frame, finding seeds, planting seeds, going on treasure hunts, being pirates, reading their reading books, the tidy up song, yoga, wake and shake, handwriting practice, school dinners and playing in the big playground... or they may have told you they just played and did nothing today!
In all the things they have done they are trying their best and remembering our brilliant expectations - to listen, to share and take turns, to respect, to never give up and to smile. They are amazing!!!