Our Farm Machines week in Foundation Stage 2

4th May 2018

This week in Foundation 2 we have been talking about all the vehicles and machines that farmers use.  We have made our own tractors using junk materials and 2D shapes.  We have been talking about the plough and seed drill and the muck spreaders that the tractor pulls along.
Outside we have made tractors using loose parts and practicing their driving skills on the bikes.  We have been planting our vegetable garden and planting sunflowers and wild flowers.
In Maths we have been counting back and trying to visualise changing groups of objects we can't see.  We have played a game hiding tractors in the barn and our homework this week supports this learning.  We have found that the children are getting really confident doing this within numbers to 10 but find it difficult 'crossing over the ten barrier up to 12, then 15 and then 20'.
In phonics we have been using the phase 3 phonemes er and ur and reading farm sentences using these.
Our handwriting has been r and n.  We have been trying to remember to start at the top and go back up the same line.