Overview of Key Stage 1 curriculum

Children enter KS1 in Year 1 and leave at the end of Year 2. We work towards children becoming independent learners. We also teach children how to work with each other and how to interact with adults.

From September 2014 a new National Curriculum has been introduced with a key emphasis on the core subjects; English, Mathematics and Science. The new curriculum has been reviewed to allow schools to utilise their uniqueness and create an exciting and stimulating curriculum for their pupils.

In years 1 and 2, the children follow the 2014 National Curriculum which consists of the following subjects;
The core subjects: The foundation subjects:
Literacy Art and Design
Numeracy Computing
Science Design and Technology
  Physical Education
  Religious Education

The foundation subjects are not taught in isolation from each other but in a creative cross curricular way in which key skills drive the objectives and desired outcomes. Children are immersed in fun, practical activities which allow for different learning styles and interests. Parent(s)/carer(s) will be notified through the website on curriculum information on the focus topic for each term, so that the children have the opportunity to research and plan for their learning in advance.

All planning is differentiated to meet the needs of all the children. Classes are also well supported by the highly skilled teaching assistants within the school.

The school greatly believes in the positive effect that outdoor learning experiences bring to the children and therefore children are involved in a range of educational visits and trips to support their learning within real life contexts.

Parent(s)/carer(s) may be asked for a voluntary contribution towards the cost of a specific excursion.

Visitors, theatre groups, artists etc also regularly work in the school.

National Testing (SATs) takes place in Year 2.